Payment Gateway Implementation

In this age of technology, as online business is becoming more and more popular, businesses need to ensure they have a secure and easy system to charge customers online. Our service provides you with a merchant account with the ability to accept online payments through a payment gateway.

Payment Gateway Implementation provides you and your customers with speed and convenience:

Customers like to earn rewards and prefer the convenience of paying by debit and credit cards.

Consumers don’t need to have large amounts of cash in the bank. They can spread their payments out over time.

Consumers spend more with credit
and debit cards.

You get paid more quickly
and more securely.

Ours services

Pixiders Inc. designs strong payment gateway implementation solutions for all payment types and processing environments. Our experts ensure your business keep connected and secure.

Countertop terminals at pixiders Inc. allow your customers to use credit or debit cards to pay you and are also NFC/contactless-enabled.

Our mobile solution connects to your smartphone to enable payments on-the-go. Our integrated tablet solution is a sleek all-in-one system that manages inventory and staffing and provides real-time business analytics.

Our online/eCommerce solution Converge flexes with your business and helps businesses manage payments all in one place – securely and safely online. 

Our developer program allows you to integrate payments into your own point-of-sale application. 

Our gift cards help to boost sales by bringing in new customers and encourage repeat business.

We are one of the best payment gateway implementation solutions providers in Canada. Our company has a large number of happy customers in Canada and globally. Do not spend more time getting your business site online payment methods that help you to get paid for your products fast and securely. Contact us today to discuss your project with our experts.