Our Maintenance and Support Services

We believe businesses should not have to worry about maintaining their websites as you already have so many other priorities and tasks. With today's rapidly changing technology it is not always feasible for business owners to keep up with the Internet technology. Our support team will ensure that your business website is up to date, and protected and ready to evolve with the latest market trends. It can be regular updates, security, backup, support services.

Customized plan to fit your needs and budget.

Basic Maintenance -1 free month.
Professional Maintenance -3 months.
Custom Maintenance –month to month.

Are you looking for some new and updated content for your website, or to have someone who can maintain it for you? Here is team of Pixiders Inc. that offers you our professional website maintenance and support services in Toronto. Taking your website and transferring it into an advance look, search engine optimized, and updated content on your web pages. We also provide services just to maintain websites at a very reasonable cost.

We deliver professional website maintenance and support services in Toronto, which ensure website will receive the attention of visitors that it deserves, such as;

Ongoing Site Maintenance.
Engage & Repeat Visitors.
Seasonal Enhancements.
Code Review & Optimization.
Technical Enhancement.
Testing & Fixing Error.
Application Optimization.
New 3rd Party Add-on Generation.
Functional Enhancements.
Product & Image Management.
Professional Copywriting.
Timely News, Offers & Announcements.

We always focus on growing your business online. So, let us take care of maintaining & updating your website to keep it relevant in today’s competitive online market.

We believe in delivering the best updated websites with the most relevant content that helps you to increase your visitors.

Our updates happen within 12 hours. We are connected with our customers 7 days a week from 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM EST. We welcome you to contact us to discuss about your website maintenance and support services in Toronto to increase your productivity today.