Dedicated Teams Service

Pixiders Inc. offers services of providing the dedicated team to meet client's requirements and cost efficiency. A dedicated professional team provides services as a part of your company for development. Clients are free to select the team members for their projects development. Clients can take interviews of member before selecting them.

All dedicated professional designers, developers, database administrators, and testers are assigned to the team of client to report directly to ensure smooth delivery of projects. We prepare contract for the dedicated team service according to the requirements of our clients which provide the best cost effective solutions. We decide time period of the project after discussing it with clients for the following services:

Pixiders Inc. offers Dedicated Development Teams for the following technologies:

Mobile Application
Web Application
Custom Software
Development CRM
customization & integration
Hosted Ecommerce

Pixiders Inc. offers dedicated team members who are highly qualified and experienced in providing best IT solutions, especially in custom mobile and web application development. We also offer our clients to assess technical skills of our team members. We at Pixiders Inc. attentively listen to team for skill-building opportunities so we can provide advance technology services to our clients.

Every contract for the dedicated team services is prepared according to the client's requirements to provide the best cost effective solution for a selected project over the contract period. The composition of the dedicated team and the contract duration are wholly dependent on the client's choice.

Some of the benefits of Pixiders Inc. Dedicated Team service:

Dedicated team do not work for other clients during the team is in contract with on client.
You are free to select professionals as per your requirement.
Direct communication with
team member
In line with your
business goals
Flexible engagement
Transparency in
No expenditure on infrastructure
and on HR activities
No issue with hardware and software tools, software development or testing related issues
Can be integrated with
your production process

The advantage of hiring our dedicated team service is that each team is assigned to just one client, we do not engage them with other projects so they can maintain the effectiveness and quality of the work.

Contact us today for getting best solutions for your projects by hiring our professional dedicated team services.